Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Edinburgh.

Step 1:

Contact me to arrange an appointment. You can do this by phone, text or email.

At the same time it would be helpful if you could tell me a bit about the problems you've been experiencing.

Step 2:

When we meet for an assessment session, we can discuss your situation and figure out what the best way forward for you might be.

Step 3:

We can arrange further sessions, as required, and you pay me via Paypal.

About me:

I offer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for common mental health problems. Most often I see people who are experiencing problems with anxiety, depression or low mood, panic, phobias, sleep problems, obsessions and compulsions (OCD), anger problems or stress.

I'm based in Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), but using tools like Skype it may be possible for me to work with you even if you're not local.


MSc Psychological Therapies in Primary Care

This training enables me to provide psychological therapies for people with common mental health problems. As a qualified Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology, I can work with individuals who experience difficulties such as anxiety, depression, panic, phobias, sleep problems, obsessions and compulsions (OCD), anger problems and stress.

MSc Health Psychology

In addition to my training in CBT, I also have a Masters in Health Psychology.

BSc (hons) Biological Sciences - Psychology

My undergraduate degree in Psychology has given me a good grounding in the theory and practical applications of Psychology. Being familiar with experimental research methods I am also able to critically review and consider evidence that may influence my practise.

Projects & Past Work


I have spent the last year working on the Mooodjuice website. I developed and authored self-help guides for the site, some of which are now available in audio format.

Shape of Mind

I have also worked on the Shape of Mind website. As part of my involvement, I wrote an Emotional Literacy Curriculum Package as a companion resource for this site.

Stress Control Classes

In the past been involved in setting up the delivery of Stress Control courses. As part of this work I designed new promotional materials and developed the Stress Control pages of the NHS Lothian website which you can find here.

NHS Psychology

I have considerable experience of working as an Assistant Psychologist, under the supervision of Clinical Psychologists, in several different Clinical Psychology services within the NHS. In such roles I have become familiar with the systems required in order to run an efficient and effective clinical practice and I have also worked with a range of different client groups; adults with mental health problems, occupational health services and older adults.