Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Edinburgh.

Step 1:

Contact me to arrange an appointment. You can do this by phone, text or email.

At the same time it would be helpful if you could tell me a bit about the problems you've been experiencing.

Step 2:

When we meet for an assessment session, we can discuss your situation and figure out what the best way forward for you might be.

Step 3:

We can arrange further sessions, as required, and you pay me via Paypal.

Individual Private CBT Therapy

I offer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for common mental health problems. Most often I see people who are experiencing problems with anxiety, depression or low mood, panic, phobias, sleep problems, obsessions and compulsions (OCD), anger problems or stress.

Face to Face Private CBT in Edinburgh

During the first session we can discuss your problem, it's background and what approach might be best to take. This assessment phase allows us to clarify expectations and make arrangements as to how to take things forward.

The cost of these sessions is £60 per one hour consultation.

Telephone CBT consultations

Following an initial assessment, I may be able to offer telephone CBT consultations. These will be arranged ahead of time with the purpose of catching up and reviewing progress. There is added flexibility and convenience implicit in having such an arrangement.

Skype CBT consultations

Following an initial assessment, I may be able to offer Skype CBT consultations. A session of online CBT via Skype will be arranged in the same way as a face to face or telephone consultation. In order to arrange a session of CBT on Skype, clients should have their own account setup and be familiar with the use of Skype as a tool for online communications using either audio or video.

CBT Groups, CBT Courses or Seminar presentations

I have experience of facilitating CBT group work sessions and CBT courses, delivering high quality presentations to professionals and members of the public. Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning such a session or series, and we can discuss your individual requirements.